Nature Up

Who doesn’t love a good nature fix? 

More often than not, I catch myself slipping down the dreary slide. Those highly-caffeinated days when stress tackles my soul (including my appetite) like a sumo wrestler . I call this hustle on steroids.

It’s easy to get into a busy, yet stressful routine: cramming for a test, relationship problems, figuring out THE perfect filter on instagram, back-to-back meetings, deeper problems, etc.

Life, and all its demands, can wait -unless there’s a due date, of course. At some point I have to take a little “head detox” from all the madness.

“Let’s simmer down the stress and hone-in the humanistic side of  life.”

And how exactly do I do that? By putting the hustle and bustle aside. Going to a place with open sky and dirt. Dancing around with zero cares given…

Here are my top picks:
 -open fields
-nice hiking trails
-botanical gardens, anyone?
I love wafting the blissful scent of hydrangeas (or any flowers, really)  and spotting nature’s intricate details. Overwhelmed by His creation, God reminds me that stress is seasonal (or temporary, so to speak). They bloom, but eventually die.

Spending time with nature converts my stress to sanity. I leave the scenic view with a newfound appreciation for this thing called life.*I can yap about my “newfound appreciation” a little more, but i’ll leave that for another blog post.*

Nature is a mere reflection of God’s goodness. When life gets hectic, I watch the birds chirp their tunes and plants flaunt their breathtaking hues.

Personally, a moment with nature trumps a back massage.

So grab your trail mix, take a step back from the makeshift madness, and nature up.




I'm Ian, the writer behind CharlesTucket (a mix between Charleston & Nantucket, two of my favorite places). My hope is to inspire every man to live a wholesome & whimsical life, one quirk at a time.


"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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