End-of-Season Sales

Say hello to summer clearance! Remember that overpriced button-up you’ve debated for months? now is THE time to get it -plus everything else you’ve been eyeing. Hurry, everything’s hot and gone in seconds. While the basics are flying off the shelves (or in this case, an e-cart), it’s time to cave in and grab the statement pieces too! I mean, why the heck not?
Despite their four month hibernation, slipping some last minute items to your summer collection will give you a leg up next spring. Never hurts to shop ahead. Keepin’ it fresh as they say…
We all love a good sale, and not everyone can afford a $150 polo shirt. That said, let’s put our bargain hats on. Here are my EOS (end-of-season) sale picks. *And in case you’re wondering, i’m doing my clearance shopping via. Nordstrom, J.Crew, Bonobos, and Banana Republic for the most part. Let’s dig.
*Links w/ the name below
1. Grey Gingham Shirt || This shirt reminds me of a farmhouse. Weird, right? It’s a notch above the classic navy gingham. Extra perks for the jumbo print!
2. Green Chino Shorts || Didn’t experiment with colors this season (i’m guilty)? this one’s a great low-key color to start you off next year. The Bonobos fit is perfect, so I had to pick this one!
3. Striped Baseball Cap || Come on now, isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?
4. Leaf Shirt || Now we’re getting into the statements. I’m all about blue and white patterns, including this one. Not too “in your face” if you know what I mean. 
5. Whale Belt || Preppy and #Patriotic. Talk about the stars and stripe-patterned whales. Whaley perfect for 4th of July. Get that outfit ready!
6. Striped Shirt || I can see myself wearing this to Charleston. Note to self: pack this for next year’s Charleston trip…maybe?
7. Floral Bowtie || Used every summer bowties you have this season? Here’s a fresh one to start your 2017 collection.  
8. Madras Shorts ||  These shorts have a nice purple tone. Currently praying whether or not to buy this. My brain is fried, but #noregrets. 
9. Green Flip-Flops || Am you seeing this right? Green? Yes, I think green suits all skin types. Branching out of the typical browns. 
10. Paint Stripe Polo || Simple and Safe. Can’t go wrong with this one.
11. Espadrilles || I have the classic Barca, but this was a close second. Might as well get it now since it’s on sale. Need these for next summer’s adventures!
12. Indigo Polo || Saving my favorite for last. I’ve been eyeing this since spring. Excited to wear this for future bike rides at Nantucket. 
That’s it! Wrapping up summer with a good sale. Let me know what your favorites are!


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