First Day Of School

Newsflash: summer’s over. But don’t let that takeaway the “shine” out of sunshine, son.

Notebooks stacked, pencils sharpened, awesome first day outfit and class schedule somewhere visible. A clean slate and a year of possibilities. It’s an exciting time to be alive…wait, who am I kidding?
Seriously. Along the lines of excitement, we psych ourselves. From not knowing which classroom to go to all the way to “not fitting in,” there’s a lot of things floating in our little, tiny head. Because so many jitterbugs ruin our first day, we can’t fully experience the glories of it. Here’s why…
A lot of things can happen. Trying-out for varsity. Joining a club. Making new friends. Connecting with old ones. Creating memories. Excelling at your favorite subject. Whatever it is, the pros outshine the cons. By a landslide. 
Keep in mind that first impressions are important. Like, really really important. Here’s my thing: first impressions exude positive and healthy vibes. The magic formula is to stay consistent. Make sure your first impression is natural and not over-the-top. That way maintaining your reputation is as easy as brewing a cup of coffee. So hide that iphone and show the world your welcoming presence.
I mean, yeah there’s a lot of uncertainty stepping into high school/college after a break, but that’s normal. Just remember, as I always tell everyone including myself, our worldly problems are only temporary. Doesn’t matter how big or small. You’ll get through it. 
So trekking back to my point. Whether you’re stepping into a new school, a new grade or whatever it is, you’ve got this. Stop worrying about all the possible setbacks.

Start connecting. Get involved around campus. Create memories. Be confident.

Focus on your dream, that futuristic bliss waiting for you once the academics are over with. If you keep yourself busy from day one and make it a habit,  there’s nothing stopping you from living your dreams. 

Just a little tip: Don’t overthink your first day. Be in the moment and savor the newness of everything. Stay positive. Be a light to a gloomy crowd. And please, stay uh-way from draaamaaaa. While savoring the newness, also treat this day like a regular school day. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a normal day. It might be new for now but tomorrow it’s history. 


I'm Ian, the writer behind CharlesTucket (a mix between Charleston & Nantucket, two of my favorite places). My hope is to inspire every man to live a wholesome & whimsical life, one quirk at a time.


"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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