College 101

Welcome to college! I’ve curated a handy list for all you college kids out there -including me. People say college is fun and easygoing…to some extent that is. 
Students arriving, ready to unpack, already dreaming about parties and football games. I was a college freshman two years ago, and trust me, I entered college with an IDK attitude. It was embarrassing, but I learned from that year. Bottom line, there’s more to college: far beyond attending class, making the Dean’s List and house parties galore.  
Anyways, there’s a lot of stress put in your plate. But think of it this way: there’s a lot of excitement as well! It’s all about balance. Here’s a list to help you as you journey along college. 
1. Be practical || Oh my word. If you asked me what I brought freshman year, i’d say tons of regrets. Hundreds of them. From 30+ pairs of shoes to over-the-top kitchen-ware (I had a kitchen) that I barely used, I brought it all. I looked like Santa Claus carrying a big white bag of “things.” Honestly, bring what you feel know you can use on a daily or weekly basis. Don’t be that guy dragging all your stuff during move-in day. 
2. Simplify your closet || Sticking with the previous point, be practical with your clothes. Here’s my thing: bring all the tees you can bring, maybe a few bottoms, and no more than 10 pairs of shoes i’d say. If you’re the type of guy who hates thinking about what to wear, pack all the neutrals in your closet. That’s exactly what I did. I brought my entire collection of blue basics -call me #boring. Oh and when it comes to shoes, be very careful. Find those boat shoes, beat-up sneaks, or whatever footwear you flaunt all the time. Also bring some formalwear because you never know!
3. Water bottle, or two || Stay hydrated! Especially during the early fall semester, it gets pretty hot (hot is an understatement). Just imagine the backpack you carry around, it will sometimes feel like your hiking Mt. Everest for dayyys. A high-quality water bottle is a nice investment, maybe two to alternate! Here’s a few of my top recommendations with links: S’well // Stanley // Hydro Flask 
4. ODP: Open Door Policy || I cannot recommend this enough. When you move in, let your quad-mates, roommates, hall-mates, etc. know about your ODP. This way, you can make more friends rather than locking yourself out from everyone. It leaves them a great impression of you.  It’s the welcoming aspect that makes college much more appealing. *Very Important: ODP takes effect when you’re inside. Never, ever leave your door unlocked. Like ever.*
5. Get plugged in || Don’t wait till sophomore year to get connected. Join clubs and whatever there is to do! It’s important that you do because you really get the most out of your tuition. Plus, what better way to stay busy and make more friends?!
6. Roommate situation || There has to be some understanding, you know? Don’t be a pushover. And don’t be awkward. Tell them your housekeeping rules by all means. 
7. Be Present || You will meet a lot of people, which leads to memorizing a bunch of names. You will hear their stories (maybe) and simple infos like their grade status, hometown, family values, etc. Be present, if you want to make genuine friends!
8. Get a plunger || This is TMI, but i’ve clogged our toilet before…without a plunger. Let’s just say I cried for at least five minutes. Don’t put yourself in that situation because it can get pretty ugly if you know what I mean. 
9. Keep the parent talk minimal || We all love out parents (I hope), but college is all about growing up. We have to pretend like we’re finally living alone like legit adults. Unless there’s a health situation going on with your parents, take the talking on the phone down a notch. *Very Important: If your parents require you to call, then totally disregard this point.*
10. Decorate your room || Remember when I said be practical? Well, this is where the line turns grey. For me, it’s important to let your room exude personality. When people come to visit, I want them to see me in pretty much everything: from pillows to wall decor. *Very Important: Find a balance. Don’t overdecorate. Don’t overthink it. A simple decoration with a lot of personality can go a long way.*
11. Print out your syllabus & class schedule || Some professors nowadays don’t require you to print out the class syllabus.  Oh well, do it anyways for instant look-ups. Those documents are jam-packed of helpful infos.

12. Air Freshener || *Insert clapping emoji here* Cheap, expensive, I don’t care…buy one. Us guys can get pretty nasty with our sweaty clothes piled up, or that leftover pizza crust on the corner from last weekend. First off, constantly cleanup. Second, spray that thang ten billion times. Don’t you love a room with a nice scent? I know I do! *Very Important: Gather up your roommates and decide. Don’t do it yourself and have people faint from your freshener.*

Hopefully this helped you out, and if you have other things to add, feel free to comment down below!


I'm Ian, the writer behind CharlesTucket (a mix between Charleston & Nantucket, two of my favorite places). My hope is to inspire every man to live a wholesome & whimsical life, one quirk at a time.


"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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