Mango & Chia Smoothie

Currently chugging the rest of this smoothie. Yum!
I LOVE smoothies, both as a meal replacer and snack…sometimes even to relieve stress. When I think of smoothies, words like “fresh”, “sweet” and “yummy” come to mind. This is what I like to incorporate in my smoothies. WOW, I said smoothie like 4 times already. Should I tally? lol.
This Mango and Chia smoothie is super simple (more like a no-brainer) and will surly hit the right amount of sweetness. There’s so many types of smoothies similar to this, but what I like about my recipe is the type of mango used. 
I use mangoes imported from Mexico. The sweet-golden ones. Not the ones grocery stores carry. You know, the green-ish/red sour ones. Every Saturday, I go to my local farmer’s market and buy these mangoes! I enjoy hand picking mangoes with my mom and placing them in a cute little box. Sixteen mangoes to be exact.
Quite expensive, but they are worth-it I promise. Check out your local farmer’s market, or simply google places that might carry them:)

                                                               1-2 Sweet Golden Mangoes

1/2 tsp Chia Seeds
1-1 1/2 cup(s) Almond/Cashew milk (I use “So Good Walnut Almond Milk”!)
4 Ice cubes (put as many as you want)
and a blender obviously (I use a regular Magic Bullet FYI)
It’s super easy, hope you enjoy it and happy blending. 


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