Wore this outfit thrice this week..practically obsessed.

I’m tapping my inner Dan Humphrey today (to all the guys out there: it’s a Gossip Girl reference). Weird thing is, I relate to Dan. Like a lot. The first three seasons of the show that is:) 

You can call me that hopeless romantic guy who’s always outside every girl’s league. 
But one day, one day I WILL find my Serena Van Der Woodsen. Another reason why I can relate to Dan is the lifestyle. I’m not into indie rock as much, but music is definitely part of my lifestyle. A so-so middle class from Brooklyn interacting with the upper-crust society via. prep school. He was an outcast, but did not jeopardize his values for anything. Not even to make friends. 

I remember this one episode where he barely made it to the bus and Chuck and Nate giving him that “who are you” face. Oh my word, I would be that guy running late (to the bus from my dorm) and obviously the awkward one.
PSA: I got this shirt for only $5!! I do believe it’s currently out of stock, and i’m not exactly sure if they’re restocking, but i’ll keep you guys updated:) Have a great weekend!


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