A Day At Sullivan’s

Hey dappers!

I’m currently here, loving Charleston for the weekend, soaking every bit of this mini vacay. The city never ceases to amaze me with its all-encompassing pastel scenery and stunning greeneries.
Sullivan’s Island was a short drive away from the city and decided to hit up the beach with the fam (family) for a quick day trip. Let’s just say I went overboard with the packing situation…#notsurprised

I packed a huge tote brimming with grapes, aesthetically pleasing beach blankets, books, magazines, La Croix cans, and jumbo sunscreen bottles. Oh, and my handy-dandy hat to top it all off.

The beach was everything I expected. It was calm, with a touch of romance. Watching nautically-dressed locals riding their bikes (with wicker baskets may I add!) to and from the beach was such a satisfying sight.

The aesthetic of it all made the usual “let’s drop our bags, tan, and swim” routine seem so boring. Does that make sense?

Think Charleston -minus the city appeal. It’s got that old-soul, traditional feel to it. Family friendly, too. I wouldn’t go here for a wild & crazy day out; rather, a place to catch some zen.

Sullivan’s Island is one for the books, capturing the core of what I long in life: serenity and simplicity. Not to mention how close the island is from one of my all-time favorite cities EVER (Charleston). South Carolina is lucky to have this gem…

I wore a white (thick) oxford popover from J.Crew that is super cute for the beach. Sweating was inevitable, but the look was everything!

It looks like a macho tunic from afar, which is essentially why I snatched this beauty from the racks. Pairing it with a subtle pair of PFG (Performance Fishing Gear incase you’re wondering) shorts for that southern summer feel. The shorts are breathable, lightweight, and fashionable enough to wear to the city when they dry up. More bang for the money as they say…

No need for designer trunks if the top is already retaining attention from people who clearly didn’t know an oxford shirt was beach appropriate (pro tip: never underestimate your look. Even in a carefree atmosphere like the beach. Own it and let the heads turn.)

If I was a beach i’d be Sullivan’s Island, wouldn’t you? Until next time, gents:)

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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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