5 Ways To Style A Black Tee

I know guys who label themselves preppy -or along the lines of “conservative”, struggling to wear a simple. black. tee. 

So many ways to style, whew!

Generally speaking, men who fall in this category have a misleading hypothesis, assuming black is used strictly for funerals, weddings, and basically anywhere a tuxedo is appropriate. Lots of guys think black looks rebellious and too high street if worn casual. Ludicrous.

Black is a color I’ve been warming up to this season. It’s not exactly high-fashion, or “rebellious” at all. It’s one thing to hate black because it doesn’t suite you (think again) and hating it because “it’s not in the preppy palette” or whatever the reason is. Here are my five favorite outfits to get you inspired. It’s time for a blackout!

A black tee is a great way to start your black collection. They’re inexpensive (this, this, and this), lightweight (easy to layer) and wearable all-season long (score)! Before getting into the black boots and denim, give the tees a go!



Great for everyday use. Low key and versatile. Definitely one of my favorite looks. #supercasual
Tee | Jeans | Sneakers

Semi-casual. I like the complexity of this look, yet minimalism is projected. #bestofbothworlds
Tee | Shirt | Belt | Pants | Shoes


I love this look because it’s my ideal college look. I literally wear similar outfits day in day out. #basicmountaineer

Tee | Jacket | Pants | Socks | Shoes



Definitely a cliche’ weekend look. You can’t go wrong with easy jeans and Nike free. #weekendreadandchill

Tee | Hoodie | Jeans | Watch | Sneakers



This is what I like to call “All-American cool boy.” The denim jacket gives a nice rugged look paired with a nice lived-in chino. Casually classic. Love it. #classicallyrugged

Tee | Jacket | Pants | Shoes

Love the outfits? Which outfit do you like the most?



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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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