Holiday Cookie Roundup

Rounding up my holiday sweets for the year!

These are my go-to recipes for those sweet tooth emergencies this holiday season! Christmas cookies are essential to a super festive holiday experience (unless your family hates sweets). I love the idea of simultaneously baking cookies while watching Christmas movies (anyone with me?) I’m definitely baking tonight – it’s Christmas Eve, with  a glass of custard watching Elf.

1. Shaped Icebox Cookies || Martha Stewart 

2. Red Velvet Thumbprints || Southern Living

3. Hidden Kiss Cookies || Southern Living

4. Triple Ginger-snappers || Southern Living

5. Gingerbread Trees W/ Lemon Icing || Martha Stewart

6. Big White Chocolate, Almond and Cranberry Cookies || Food & Wine

7. Basler Leckerli || Food & Wine

8. Cashew Snowballs || Food & Wine 

If you have awesome recipes you’d like to share, make sure to let me know! I love receiving new recipes, really!



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