What’s In My Backpack?

A sneak peak of my messy backpack

School backpacks are used to carry books and writing utensils. But seriously: WE CARRY JUNK IN OUR BACKPACKS! It fascinates me when students walk around campus, backpacks unzipped, and suddenly the most absurd thing comes out from the backpack. I was inspired to do this fun (and weirdly informative) post, so without further adieu, let’s dig!

My Backpack: Mountain Hardware (I got it awhile back, but here is a similar one!)
1. Books || If you don’t carry books…we need to talk.
2. Pens, pencils and highlighters || I have a lot (mostly Ticonderoga and navy sharpies)
3. Post-its || I hate phone reminders. Sticky notes get the job done for me. The yellow ones:)
4. Candy wrappers || Don’t eat candy, and I honestly have no idea where I got them from?!
5. Floss kit || gross but I floss after I snack -in the restroom of course!
6. College flyers || I literally get a handful of flyers every week, it’s insane. 
7. Notebooks || different colors to identify each class!
8. iphone charger || I blame Instagram. #phoneaddict 
9. Earphones || I also blame Spotify…
10. USB || In case I have to save files from the computer lab
11. Blender Bottle || Gotta #stayhydrated fellas
12. Shinola planner || I use this thing religiously, really. 
13. Index cards || Who doesn’t love a good flashcard stack?
14. Random GSA vote pin || college.
15. Napkins || I’m a napkin hogger! Thanks cafeteria!
16. Coins || mostly pennies for the loafers and quarters for vending machines and Starbucks.
17. Listerine sheets || Ain’t nobody got time for funky breath. 
18. Cliff bar wrappers || …because I never make it to the trash…
19. VA key-chain || represent!!
Do you have any weird stuff in your backpack?


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