Spring Break Essentials 2015

Cheers to Spring Break!
 I.V.L. | Spring Break Outfits/Essentials 2015

Spring Break: where students get rowdy and I get to snacking. Lol.

 In case you’re wondering, my favorite SB snacks are mangoes, raisins, Quakers cheddar oatmeal rounds, sea salt kettle chips of any kind, and almond butter w/ apple slices.

 It’s the best time to gather up my thoughts (for the blog and life in general) and simultaneously relax with my Peter Millar swimming trunks on.

Ohhh. Ahhh. Sounds lovely.

Anyways, y’all are in for a treat! I believe that LESS IS MORE and literally speaking…LESS [clothing] IS MORE. Also, thinner fabrics are a must. Below are a few hand-picked SB outfits, incorporating the kooky patterns with neutrals.

And one last thing…unless you’re swimming or sunbathing: please wear a top, because we’re not gorilla monkeys running around like buffoons, no? Just a thought!


The Travel

Hoodie | Sweatpants | Sandals

So you’re in a car…or a plane, train, etc. Point is: YOU WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. Sweats are the way to go. I personally wear my university pullovers and athletic shorts with boat shoes. The key is to be “slouchy.” Don’t forget to bring your earplugs, CD, or anything music related. If you want, bring your guitar! 

The Wet

Shirt | Sandals | Shades | Trunks | Timepiece

It’s time to go swimming. This is your great excuse to go topless . I recommend bring a linen shirt or a light oxford shirt to compliment your swimming trunks. It’s a cool combo trust me. Bring leather flip-flops to finalize the ensemble. I do not recommend bringing your cellular device only because you might injure it (do you have a lifeproof?). Time is critical so it is best if you pack a high-quality waterproof watch (digital watches are sweet too).  

The Dining

Polo | Loafers | Shorts | Timepiece | Belt

Steak, anyone?! I don’t care if you’re going to Chick-fil-A or an upscale steakhouse. You should dress up. I recommend wearing an oxford shirt or a polo shirt with chino shorts (preferably tucked in). A nice touch of a surcingle belt will do the trick. Your options for shoes: drivers, boats, and leather flip-flops. A nice watch (preferably leather strap) never killed nobody!

The Party

Tee | Visor | Shorts | Fanny Pack | Shades | Sandals

ATTENTION: Do NOT wear any high-end clothing for this occasion. It’s a party, i’m assuming a crazy party because its spring break. You don’t want to risk alcohol spilling and people stealing your things. Use a money clip instead of a wallet. Chino shorts topped with a “frat tee” will do. Hats are cool. If you want to be overly guarded, flaunt a fanny pack;) 

The Chill

Tank | Shorts | Book

Oh, the moments when you’re bored, sitting around the hotel/condo/beach house with literally nothing to do. This is the perfect time to daydream and what better way than to wear comfortable, tag-less clothing? Bring out the sweats again and chill. Make lemonade, sit, and just daydream. Statistics show that daydreaming is good for your brain. Chillax bro!

The Morning Walks

Pullover | Shoes | Hat | Trunks

My favorite part of the day (besides morning devotions and eggs Benedict). Spring mornings are chilly, so a heavyweight pullover or heavy knit sweater, shorts, and a pair of beat up boat shoes for easy on and off.  

The Rest

Rain Jacket | Towel | Sunglass Strap | Can Holder | First-Aid | Sunscreen | Cologne | Tumbler | Money Clip | Boat Tote |   Trail Mix | Pants

Here are the rest! Make sure to bring a light rain jacket because #rain, a tumbler so you can identify your drink, and pants if it gets cold.  #dontforgetthetrailmix 

#staybrochic & Happy Spring Break!, 


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