New Year, Improved Lifestyle

Happy New Year!

 By far the craziest year. The obstacles were strong. Depression came and anxiety blew like a rushing wind. Worry was like high afternoon tides at Battery Park, ready to swallow me up.

Entering college was jittery, blogging was a risk i’m willing to take, losing my Golden Retriever was painful, bitter words seared my heart for a season,  friendships lost, relationship with God on the verge of cessation, and lastly…still no girlfriend.

Life was pointing dixie and seemed like the end was near, but hope was found . With God, all things are possible! I wanted to become a better man through the obstacles. You see, God brings obstacles in our lives to test and strengthen our faith. Through it all, God is still sovereign, that’s all that matters.

On the bright side, a new year is upon us…

So what’s next for Ian? 

New year means new start. This year, I will blog original, high-quality content and inspire you at surpassing levels. On top, I will strive to pursue the Dean’s list and make the National Honor Society like a straight up geek:)

Forget what people say about “bloggers hogging fame.” I’m not here for fame and freebies, I’m here for you, to be your “not-so-lifestyle-coach” and inspire through my imperfect lifestyle.

If you want a genuine lifestyle blogger who communicates at a personal level and inspires through clothing, relationships, and other shenanigans, then welcome to the family. Welcome to CharlesTucket!



I'm Ian, the writer behind CharlesTucket (a mix between Charleston & Nantucket, two of my favorite places). My hope is to inspire every man to live a wholesome & whimsical life, one quirk at a time.


"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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